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Young STEMists

Ignite Your Spark

est. 2023

My Story


I am Liana Forster and my first experience with STEM was in 4th grade when my Girl Scout Troop participated in a First Lego League competition. I immediately fell in love with the coding and problem solving portion of the competition. Being in an all girl team allowed me to voice my opinions and thoughts with ease and comfort. But in middle school when I signed up for STEM/Robotics classes and joined clubs I found that it wasn’t always so easy. I was typically the only girl in a class or one of a few. I saw other girls get discouraged from joining these classes. This continued all the way into high school where I felt even more alone, but I followed through to grow, learn, and love these classes.

What is Young STEMists?

Young STEMists is a FREE curriculum and activity set designed to promote and motivate girls into stem classes and careers. The curriculum contains a wide variety of hands-on labs from multiple STEM fields including computer science, aerospace engineering, and material science. Additionally, the layout of the curriculum with animated and follow-along slide decks keeps teacher preparation time to a minimum and easy to implement. Young STEMists provides an accessible way for educators to ignite young girls’ spark, with a long-term goal of increasing the number of female STEM leaders.

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