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Mission & Vision

Young STEMists was built to give girls the confidence to share their voice. It was built to motivate girls to join STEM classes. Specifically designed to expose girls to a variety of fields. Made to provide teachers with activities to ease their workload.


  • Male-Dominated Cultures

    • Historically men have dominated STEM fields, excluding women by being unsupportive or unattractive. 

  • Lack of Confidence

    • By the 3rd grade girls are more likely to say they are not good at math, compared to boys who are confident in math by the 2nd grade. Math is the basis of STEM, if girls are being instilled with the culture that they are not good enough there is no way for them to confidently go into a stem field. Instead they choose fields that women are “supposed” to be good at. 

  • Lack of Role Models​

    • A lack of encouragement from role models just worsens confidence as girls lack people to inspire them and give them hope. This issue is worse in hispanic and black women as there are even fewer role models.  

  • Discrimination

    • Women receive lower pay up to 15% less than men, they often feel as if they receive less support than their male counterparts by their boss and coworkers, including being treated as if they are less competent.

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